Gutter Guard Types

Gutter guards are a protective covering placed over your gutters. They allow water to enter your gutters while keeping leaves, twigs, pine needles, insects, and other debris at bay. If your gutter guards don’t perform well, it can result in costly water damage to your roof, basement, siding, windows, foundation, and landscaping.

Discover the different types of gutter guards to determine which type is best for your property.

Gutter Covers

Gutter covers sit on top of existing gutter troughs to keep leaves and debris from accumulating. Because gutter covers are separate from your existing gutters, they’re prone to damage from heavy winds. They also don’t match up perfectly with your existing gutters, making them vulnerable to leaks at the seams. Gutter covers are often installed underneath shingles, exposing your roof to water damage at the attachment points.

a close up view of gutter shutter branded gutters

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Gutter Screens

Gutter screens are placed over gutters to filter out leaves and debris. They’re available in different materials, like plastic to metal, and have various-sized perforations.

But gutter screens have their issues. Many have holes that are too big to filter out smaller materials such as shingle granules, silt, and pine needles. The debris they filter out often accumulates on top, causing water to overflow and potentially damage your fascia, basement, foundation, siding, windows, and lawn. If too much debris accumulates, it can cause your gutters to sag and pull away from your home. Gutter screens require routine maintenance to prevent clogging.

If gutter screens aren’t nailed into your roof, they could blow away in heavy wind. If you nail gutter screens to your roof, you risk voiding your roof warranty.

a close up view of gutter shutters
a close up view of gutter shutter branded gutters

Gutter Filters

Gutter filters are inserted into your existing gutter trough. The plastic foam or brush bristles take up space in your gutters and trap debris while allowing water to flow through.

Unfortunately, leaves, twigs, and other debris get trapped by gutter filters. As this debris accumulates, it can attract insects and other unwanted pests and overflow your gutters, causing costly water damage. Gutter filters with foam inserts also invite mold. As a result, gutter filters require frequent cleaning and maintenance.

All-In-One Gutter Guard Systems

All-in-one gutter guard systems are custom-made to fit your house and offer a better design for repelling debris and preventing clogs. Because all-in-one systems are fabricated on-site by experienced professionals, you can avoid many of the pitfalls associated with DIY installations.

However, all-in-one gutter guard systems make are more difficult to clean and remove clogs from. To ensure your all-in-one gutter guard system performs as expected, invest in one that prevents clogs.

High-Quality Gutter System

Gutter Shutter®’s all-in-one gutter system includes several key components. Seamless aluminum gutters eliminate joints where potential leaks can occur. Rolled-hood gutter guards keep unwanted debris from entering your gutters while allowing rainwater to flow into them. Heavy-duty GutterStud brackets secure gutters to your fascia boards, while extra-wide downspouts and a range of downspout extensions help redirect water away from your home.

Professional Gutter Installation

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