The Importance of Regular Roof Maintenance

The Importance of Regular Roof Maintenance

Knowing how to maintain your roof can be an overwhelming process. From understanding roof material-specific maintenance practices to regular inspections, there is a lot that goes into taking care of your roof. The end goal of regular roof maintenance services is to prevent the need for significant repairs and replacement later on. It can lead to hefty costs and take up long periods of time to fix. With frequent maintenance, your roof can last for years to come.

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What is Roof Maintenance? 

Roof maintenance consists of routinely checking on the condition of your roof, as well as all the other areas vulnerable to damage. Hiring roofing professionals for inspections is a great way to keep track of your roof’s age. The amount of times you need to have your roof inspected depends on the type of roofing material. It can be annually, biannually, or quarterly, but it is always recommended to have your roof looked at once a year.

Roof Maintenance

It is important to note that roof maintenance can cost $120 to $400. Price is dependent on your roofing contractor, but most maintenance programs charge a flat fee. Skipping a roof maintenance routine puts your home at risk for a variety of issues that will require extensive repair costs. Roof maintenance programs often include the following services:

Why Roof Maintenance Is Important

Prevents Future Problems

The primary reason to invest in roof maintenance is that it prevents future problems from occurring. Without routine inspections, minor issues can turn into major issues and lead to costly repairs. With roof maintenance, you can get in front of the problems before they start.

Maximizes the Life of Your Roof

With proper installation, many roofs can last 20-25 years. However, unexpected severe weather and climates can decrease the number of years your roof can last. With proper maintenance inspections, you can ensure your roof performs at its peak, while also repairing damage before you need to replace the entire thing. To get the maximum amount of years out of your roof, invest in a roofing maintenance program.

Gives You Peace of Mind

The greatest part of routine maintenance is the confidence that comes with knowing your roof is secure. Hiring a roofing contractor for an inspection ensures you catch potential problems before they become emergencies. Having a professional give you the “okay” on your roof helps you rest easy when a big storm hits because you don’t have to worry about water leaks.

Frequency of Roof Inspections

How frequently you inspect your roof depends on a variety of factors, including roof age, roof material, and local climate. 

  • New Roof 

It’s important to have your new roof inspected within the year it is installed to ensure correct installation and limit the risk of potential future problems.

  • Severe Weather Events 

After severe weather conditions like hail, strong winds, and heavy snowfall, it’s important to have your roof inspected. There could be issues not immediately apparent that a professional roof inspection could identify. 

  • Roof Aging 

An older roof is more susceptible to wear and tear. It is smart to increase the frequency of roof inspections to twice a year if your roof is over 10 years old. 

  • Roofing Material 

Different roof types have different maintenance requirements and lifespans. Before you determine which material to put on your home, consult with a roofing contractor to determine how frequently you would need to have your roof inspected.

What Are the Benefits of Preventative Roof Maintenance? 

Many benefits come with routine roof maintenance:

  • Cost Savings: Identifying potential issues before they become emergencies can save on costly repairs and roof replacements.

  • Extended Roof Lifespan: You can prolong the life of your roof with proper maintenance inspections, which identify early issues and prevent premature aging.

  • Enhanced Property Value: A well-maintained roof not only attracts potential buyers but also increases the resale value of your home.

  • Peace of Mind: Frequent maintenance helps you identify issues so that you can rest easy and have confidence in the safety and security of your roof.

How to maintain roof

How Does a Roofing Contractor Maintain Your Roof?

Inspects the overall condition of your roof

The first thing a roofing specialist does during a roof inspection is look for potential leaks, damage, and troubling conditions to the exterior of your home. The goal is to make sure your roof is fully functioning and to determine if it needs replacing. 

Checks for cracked pipe boots

Over time, cracks can form on your pipe boots (the flashing around the plumbing and vent pipes of the roof) that allow water into your home. This is one of the most common roof damage problems in residential roofing. During routine maintenance service, pipe boots are checked and replaced if issues are found.

Removes debris sitting on your roof

Roof debris is common in homes that live near woods, forests, and high-climbing vegetation. Roof contractors often remove leaves, sticks, and other debris build-up from roof valleys, shingles, and other vulnerable areas of your home during routine maintenance. 

Look for signs of animal intrusion

Another step in the roof maintenance process is checking for animal habitation on your roof. Many animals like squirrels and raccoons will create homes in your attic, cause damage, and create potential leaks by chewing electrical wires. The best way to prevent this from happening is by routinely inspecting your roof and attic. 

Ensures your roof vents are fully functioning

A crucial aspect of your roof’s lifespan is the health of your attic’s ventilation system. When attics are not properly vented, a roof can prematurely fail, increase energy bills, and contribute to health hazards like mold. Roofing crews ensure your vents are fully functioning during routine maintenance services.

Roof Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners 

We have covered a variety of reasons why routine roof maintenance is key to maintaining a healthy roof and home. While we recommend hiring professional roof maintenance contractors for the official annual inspection, there are a couple of things you can do on your own to ensure your roof remains in top-notch condition:


To collect water runoff and prevent shingle damage, as well as foundation issues, clean your gutters six times a year to prevent gutter clog and water overflow.


If your home is north-facing and you live in the northern hemisphere, you are more prone to moss and algae growth on your roof due to climate, shading patterns, and rainfall. The best way to prevent this is by investing in regular mold/moss roof treatments. 


To limit shingle damage, it is imperative to remove fallen or broken trees from your roof. When tree branches slide against or hit your roof and gutters during windstorms, you are more likely to have lifted shingles and broken gutters. 


It is important to have properly installed wall cladding in your home in case your gutters work improperly and cause water to run down the walls. When the downspouts and gutters are clogged, rainstorms will cause damage to your home because there is nowhere for the excess water to go.


You can inspect the flashing on your home by checking for rust, dents, or missing fasteners. If you notice that the sealant is rotting away where two roof planes meet, you need to call a roofing contractor to repair your flashing so that water does not leak from your roof into your home.

What Else Can You Do To Maximize Your Roof Investment?

A well-maintained roof is an investment that not only protects your home but your family as well. From damaged shingles to mold, roofs come with their own host of challenges and risks. To prolong the life of your roof and prevent costly repairs and replacements from occurring, routine roof maintenance is critical. 

At Larson & Keeney Home Services, we specialize in quality roofing repair, installation, and maintenance. Our goal is to ensure your roofing system is effective and safe so that you gain greater peace of mind. If you need a roofing contractor, reach out to our team in Grand Rapids for a free estimate.

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The Importance of Regular Roof Maintenance

The Importance of Regular Roof Maintenance

Knowing how to maintain your roof can be an overwhelming process. From understanding roof material-specific maintenance practices to regular inspections, there is a lot that goes into taking care of your roof. The end goal of regular roof maintenance services is to prevent the need for significant repairs and replacement

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